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Events Co-Ordination

A career in the events industry can be rewarding, as it incorporates an intimate relationship with people establishing and making their dreams come true. For many years event coordinators have not had the opportunity to acquire proper education in this specialised field that will ultimately lead to successful and exciting career opportunities in the Events Industry.

South Africa is becoming more and more of an attraction for International Mega Events like the Soccer World Cup, Rugby World Cup, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction, J+B Met, Car launchers, World EconomicForum only to mention a few. Due to the increase of demand in such events and tourism in South Africa, events has become the most popular and growing career choice for young South Africans. The International Academy can offer you just that, giving you the best set of skills to gain a competitive edge over any competitor, Education is Power!

The learning programme (or qualifications) has been divided into 6 Learning Units (Study Units) that consist of a clustering of modules.
• The World of Events

• Professionalism in the workplace

• The Events Work Environment

• Design and Planning

• Event Coordination

• Applied Events Management


The academic requirement for registration is a Senior Certificate. Applicants undergo a screening procedure which includes an interview.

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