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About Us

The International Academy opened its doors in Cape Town in 1991 and grew steadily to become one of the largest Health and Skin care providers in South Africa, serving not only local, but international students as well.

From its beginning, International Academy of Health and Skin Care owned its flourishing success to:
- The commitment and dedication of Ms.Grewe, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the International Academy.
- Providing prestigious qualifications that are recognized globally.
- Focus on practical working experience and building confidence within the Health and Skin Care industry.
In today’s manic society where people are driven every day by the pressures of work, life, stress and ill-health, isn’t it fantastic to think that YOU can be equipped with the tools to change someone’s life forever. When studying at International Academy which boasts a successful twenty three years of educational excellence in the Health and Skin Care industry you become part of a training institution that can offer you doorways into so many career opportunities locally and internationally.
These days being an Entrepreneur and owning your own business has become more and more important. We will equip you with the necessary skills to set you off in the business world. Employment is available within leisure centres, five star hotels and cruise liners, with opportunities in management in the health sector or you will be able to open your own business.
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